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play offline or online poker

What is the best way to play poker - offline or online?

The confrontation between online vs offline poker players has been observed for a long time - many players simply do not understand how to play poker over the Internet. Others, on the other hand, see no problem with this kind of game. In this article, we will look at the main advantages of playing online and offline, in order to figure out which of the players is right. What are the advantages of playing over the Internet? For…
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Features of an all-in bet

Features of all-in bets in poker: what is it and how to use such a technique at the table

An all-in is a special situation at the poker table where a player bets all his chips in a particular hand. These can often be the most exciting moments in poker: the player decides to risk everything to win the pot. Among professional players, the phrase “player is exposed” often sounds. This means the same as all-in - the poker player has put up his entire pot ...
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poker marginal cards

How to play marginal cards in poker

When playing poker, it's not enough just to play strong hands, it is worth using marginal cards. You need to play aggressively, but strategically, which is why the major league of poker players strongly recommends not to ignore this method of playing. What is a marginal hand in poker? Initially, it is worth understanding what marginal cards are. This is a weak or medium starting hand, but the one ...
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Poker math

Poker math: when and how to use it

The math of poker is perceived by many aspiring poker players as something extremely difficult. However, in reality everything is different: even a person with a non-mathematical mindset is able to understand the peculiarities of poker mathematics, the knowledge and application of which, by the way, distinguishes a professional poker player from a beginner. No strategy will be considered complete if the player is not able to calculate the pot odds and cards for ...
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poker limp

Limping preflop is the most controversial strategy in Texas Hold'em

Limp is unprofitable - this is the first truth that a beginner should learn on the thorny path of improving a poker professional and immediately forget it. After all, even such a decision, not typical for a regular, sometimes has the right to life and can even be profitable. The purpose of this article is to tell you when a limp should be considered as a move, and when it ...
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small pocket cards in poker

How to play with small pockets: tips for newbies to play online

Small pockets are not always worth playing - most often these cards go to fold. But if you have a small stack and you have already posted the blind, it makes sense to play not the best hands. In this article, we'll show you what to consider when you decide to play small hole cards. Read the article so as not to get lost in ...
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Poker bets

Varieties of poker bets

Poker bet types are something that every player gets to know at the start of their poker career. Knowledge of the types of bets, the peculiarities of playing with them, the options for distributing your money at the table - all these factors affect your profit and need to be mastered. In this short article, we will tell you why you need bets in the game, which ones highlight ...
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Poker bets

Poker Betting Mastery: The Difficult Simple

The professionalism of a poker player is an understanding of how to bet correctly in poker during a hand. Depositing money into the pot is the most important game action that makes it clear to your opponent how strong your hand is. A professional gambler, with the correct distribution of contributions to the bank, can impose completely different thoughts on an opponent. This is where the true bluff lies and ...
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Top-4 poker rooms

Rating of rooms for money: TOP-4 rooms for playing poker

There are a lot of online rooms where you can play poker, but only the best sites are included in the rating of poker rooms. Having analyzed all the most popular resources, we have selected four services, the game on which will bring not only pleasure, but also profit. 888 Poker All poker players know about this room. He is considered the best in many criteria. First, according to the terms ...
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Poker training

How to learn to play poker? Short school for beginners

If a full-fledged poker school is too long and expensive for you, then we suggest that you master the basic theory and move on to practical exercises in a couple of minutes. Believe me, it's best to learn the game in practice, and most poker rooms offer no deposit bonuses and favorable conditions for your start. It is important to remember that we will only cover the basics of online poker, and more ...
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