How to choose a platform to start playing poker: instructions for beginners

poker rooms for beginnersIn fact, anyone can start playing poker for money. If, of course, he has the Internet, and also he has reached the age of majority. There are no other restrictions - pensioners and students, milkmaids and engineers can earn good profits alike. But, whoever started their poker career, the first thing a player faces is the choice of the site for the game.

Many professionals say that choosing a site that is right for you is not an easy task that needs to be approached wisely. So how do you choose a poker room? You can't just start trying to play all the resources at random.

When choosing a poker room, we would recommend that you pay attention to the following features of playgrounds:

  • Safety and reliability... You should not start your career on platforms unknown to anyone - it is likely that these are fraudulent rooms. It is better to read as many more reviews about a particular site before registering on it;
  • Availability... Make sure that you can enter the game in your country, as well as that the room is online at any time;
  • Bonus programs... It is important that the site administration offers poker players various gifts and bonuses for all kinds of actions in the game. Promotions and loyalty programs will not only brighten up your game, but also bring real cash profit;
  • Ease of operation... This applies to both developed applications for mobile and computer, as well as depositing and withdrawing funds. It is important that the very use of the client does not cause any discomfort. We also recommend that you make sure that the colors chosen when designing the room do not interfere with your concentration. After all, you will need to play for long hours.

Well, now let's move on from theory to practice. Namely, let's look at some really good platforms for daily play. Fortunately, we managed to find not one such room, but three.

The best poker rooms of 2018

We have analyzed all the most popular online poker sites. Also, when choosing the top 3, we took into account the reviews of various users, both Russian-speaking and English-speaking audiences. In general, let's not waste time - here are the best platforms for playing poker:

These sites stand out especially against the background of others. Immediately upon registration in the first two rooms, the user receives gifts: $88 from 888poker, and various prizes for completing the initial missions from PokerStars.

At Party Poker, you can wager the rake - the money already paid to the room will return to your pocket. Moreover, you can receive such an award once a week!

All sites have very good software for the game: versions for both smartphones and PCs have been developed. 888poker even offers to log in directly from a mobile browser and start playing - great news for non-iOS and Android owners.

Well, poker for money can be many times more interesting and profitable if you choose the right room for the game. We do not claim that these sites are the only good ones in the world. No, but they will give you the maximum opportunity to play comfortably every day. Try any of them and you will definitely not be disappointed!