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Poker Stars Russia

How to choose a profitable strategy for playing at PokerStars

Everyone who decides to play at PokerStars wants not only to play their favorite game, but, of course, to make money on it. In this article, we have collected a few tips to help beginners develop the right tactics and avoid mistakes at the start. The author of these tips is Alexander Millar, a British professional player. Once he studied to be an engineer, but he started ...
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Pokerdom Promo Codes

How profitable to register at Pokerdom: everything about the promo code of the room and its bonuses

Not every newbie of the room knows that for registration you can get a Pokerdom bonus. To do this, you must enter the current promotional code of the site during registration. How to do this and what advantages the code gives, we talk about in this material. Basic information: what is a promo code and what is it for? A promo code is a combination of letters and numbers, which ...
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How to get to a blocked room - 888 poker mirror review

Every Russian online poker player has encountered a blocking of their favorite room, the 888 Poker mirror - is designed to solve this problem. The thing is that since 2009, a ban on online gambling has been introduced in Russia, as a result of which all such resources are blocked by Roskomnadzor. It is worth remembering that it is not forbidden to play on the sites, you are nothing ...
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GGPokerOK room review with rakeback up to 50 percent.

GGPokerOK is the best online room with rakeback up to 50%

Review of GG Poker will be interesting for both inexperienced and professional poker players. During peak hours, more than 15,000 poker players from Europe and Asia gather in the room. The lion's share of the audience is made up of recreational players who are ready to spend money on the game. Pros and cons of the GG PokerOK room GGPokerOK is a poker room that appeared on the site of the closed Lotos Poker. It…
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The PC version of the PokerMatch game client.

Download the PC version of PokerMatch Client

To download PokerMatch to your PC, you need to download proprietary software from the official site of the poker room. Installing the stationary version of the client takes 2-3 minutes, after which you can immediately start the game. In this article we give step-by-step instructions for downloading software to a computer. Why is it worth playing PokerMatch? PokerMatch is a Ukrainian poker room where you can make deposits not ...
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PokerMatch application for playing poker on mobile phones.

PokerMatch for mobile phones

Mobile PokerMatch is a portable version of the client that is suitable for devices running iOS and Android. In terms of functionality, the mobile version of the room is almost as good as desktop software. The developers are constantly improving the poker software, so you can rest assured of the stable operation of the game client. Functionality of the mobile version of PokerMatch In terms of capabilities, the portable client is not inferior to software for stationary computers and laptops. ...
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Mirror of the PokerOK room.

The actual mirror of the poker room PokerOk - how to bypass the block in 2021

PokerOk Mirror is a way to access the site’s official site if the provider blocks it in connection with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Don't worry, this law is only valid for organizers of gambling, not users of their sites.

PokerKing room review

PokerKing at a glance

On the Internet, many users are wondering: what features of PokerKing make this room stand out from the competition? There are a lot of advantages of the room, but the main one is undoubtedly the unique loyalty program. The generosity of the PokerKing administration allows each player to return up to 90% of the commission paid. Today in the article we will talk about other advantages of the poker room, such as modern software and convenient ...
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Pokerstars ES room review

PokerStars.ES review: features of the game in the room in 2019

PokerStars.ES is the European subsidiary of the popular poker room, which is played primarily by players from Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. Initially, the room was created only for Spanish players - hence the name of the branch. But a few years ago, the pool of players from the above countries was merged. Now, not only players from Europe can enter the room. It is available for ...
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Betonline poker room review

Is it worth playing at BetOnline in 2019: a small review of the room

BetOnline is a room that belongs to the Chico Poker Network. This room is the second most popular in the corporation. The room is designed for US players, but users from all over the world can start playing in it. Chico Poker focuses on other types of gambling: casinos, bets. Often casino players enter poker. Just to try ...
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