Online poker from a smartphone: a beginner's guide

If you are just now ripe to install poker on your phone, do not be discouraged - millions of players have tried all the features of smartphone applications a long time ago and most of them were satisfied. Of course, in comparison with the versions of clients for the computer, there are certain differences. But they are more than compensated for by the prohibitive autonomy and convenience of the gameplay.

Why should I play poker from my smartphone?

poker on smartphoneWell, if you are a little old believer and prefer to play from the computer absolutely always, think about how many opportunities you are missing. After all, in order to play with a PC, you either need to be at home or carry a laptop and a modem with you. You can replace your 3G modem with Wi-Fi distribution from your phone. But since you always carry your smartphone with you, why not use it to play poker as well?

After all, this way you will not need to plan in advance the time to return home, adjust it to the peaks of online at certain sites. Wherever you are, you just need to connect to the Internet, and voila - you can play as much as you like without unnecessary gestures.

Besides, poker room client on smartphone can be an excellent insurance for those who like to play in large long tournaments. After all, what are you going to do, for example, if electricity goes out in your house during a major event? Run with a computer at the ready to the nearest block where the light is on? After all, you can simply take a smartphone out of your pocket and continue the game from the same place.

What are the best poker apps to download from your smartphone?

The best options are reliable and proven. After all, it will be about your money. Are you also going to win and make withdrawals from your account? In this case, it is worth turning to sites where there are no problems in this aspect from year to year. There are four such rooms without a grain of doubt.

888 Poker... An excellent court with a relatively weak field of players. It will delight you with a no deposit bonus on $88, a bonus to the first deposit in the amount of $10 and the opportunity to wager up to 100% of the first deposit.

Partypoker. A platform that proves that rakeback up to 40% is still a real figure. By the way, they also remember the 100% bonus to the first deposit.

Pokerstars. You've probably already heard something about this site. And for good reason, because she is the largest, most technologically advanced and stylish in the world of online poker. As a greeting, after registration, you will be able to receive bonuses totaling $30. The opportunity to double the first deposit is also available.

PokerDom. Outrageous rakeback - up to 50% - bonuses for referring friends, tickets to tournaments for beginners and much more make the largest Russian room an excellent platform to start your poker career.

What if I can't download the mobile client to my smartphone?

If you went to the app store and saw that your device does not support any of the possible clients, do not despair. You can play poker from your mobile in some rooms through a browser. For example, 888Poker is suitable for such purposes. All you need is a mobile browser.

So hurry up to download poker to your phone and start winning money in one of the world's most popular rooms!