Is it worth playing at BetOnline in 2019: a small review of the room

Betonline poker room review

BetOnline is a room that belongs to the Chico Poker Network. This room is the second most popular in the corporation. The room is designed for US players, but users from all over the world can start playing in it. Chico Poker focuses on other types of gambling: casinos, bets. Often casino players enter poker. Just to try yourself in a different discipline. In this article, we will tell you more about the features of the game on BetOnline.

Features of the software

You can play in the room only through the English version - this is the main drawback of the BetOnline client. There are versions for mobile phones - clients are suitable for Android and iOS.

Let's highlight some of the advantages of the software:

  • You can quickly and conveniently search for the tables you need. They are classified by tabs in the lobby. Also, players can filter all tables by a number of parameters: number of opponents, bet sizes, type of poker;
  • Work speed. Applications open quickly and you can start the game in a couple of seconds. There are no lags and disconnects - this means that you will not lose money for technical reasons;
  • Nice interface. The client is easy to navigate even for those who have never played poker through applications. Nice color scheme will allow you to play at the tables for a long time and not strain;
  • Multifunctionality. Players will be able to deposit and withdraw money through the client, quickly search for tables, contact support;
  • Ability to customize parameters. Players will be able to change sound settings, table design, deck color, avatar and other parameters.

Traffic features

The main pool of poker players is from the USA and Canada. The level of the game is slightly below the European level. Another big plus is that people in these countries earn more. And it is easier to part with small amounts.

Usually 500-600 people play at the tables in the room. At peak times - 900-1000. The peak falls at 5-7 am Moscow time. Not very convenient for CIS users.

Most of the hands are at micro-stakes and low-stakes. You can find 15 tables NL25, up to 10 tables NL50, 5-7 tables each NL100 and NL200. Omaha is played at about the same limits, but there are fewer tables.

Tournament poker is not very popular, although series are held constantly. There are small competitions with a $ 500-600 fund that start every day.

Sunday Major is held every Sunday. Tournament, the ticket to which will cost you $ 109. And the prize fund of the series is 75 thousand.

The peculiarity of the room is that almost no one plays Sit & Go in it. But the Windfall tournament is especially popular. It randomly determines the size of the bankroll at the beginning of each tournament. And it can be 2 thousand times more than the players' contribution.

Features of the rake structure

In the room you will have to pay a rake for each bet - 5.5%. But the maximum commission size may change due to various factors: limits and the number of players. Note that you will have to pay money even if the flop was not revealed.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

You can make withdrawals and deposits in popular and convenient ways: using Visa / MasterCard debit cards, Skrill online services, Neteller. Withdrawal of funds will take some time - up to 5 days after submitting the application.

Note that the room will charge a considerable commission for withdrawing funds - 7.5%. But the money will be collected not from the withdrawal amount, but from the rake played on the site (a rake race is held in the room, which allows you to win a part of the fund of $ 5250).

There are other rewards in the room: a first deposit bonus of 100% from the amount of the contribution, freerolls for beginners, a bit jackpot. BetOnline is a good American poker room, which is suitable for the constant playing of poker on the Internet.

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