The actual mirror of the poker room PokerOk - how to bypass the block in 2021

Mirror of the PokerOK room.

Mirror PokerOk - this is a way to go to the official site of the site, if the provider blocks it in connection with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Don't worry, this law is only valid for organizers of gambling, not users of their sites. 

What is GG PokerOk mirror

A mirror is a duplicate of a site created by its developers, which is used for the following purposes:

  • give users access to the room if there was a failure on the official website;
  • bypass provider blocking.

The address of the mirror is similar to the official website of the room for a few extra characters. They are added to make it more difficult for the provider's robots to detect and block the twin site. In terms of functionality and content, the mirror is almost identical to the official website.

Where to find a working mirror

Mirror PokerOK

Up-to-date mirrors appear quickly if they are blocked by the provider and can be easily found on various resources. However, the problem with the site does not always arise from blocking. Sometimes it can be:

  • failure of the Internet;
  • device failure;
  • antivirus limitation - disable it for a while.

But this is an exception than the rule, and usually the site is blocked. If the official website or application suddenly becomes unavailable, check the resources of PokerOk and on social networks - there may be information about it. Sometimes the site is closed during maintenance and is told when it will run out.

Other workarounds

In addition to the official mirror, there are several other methods to bypass blocking. 


VPN is the favorite technology of most poker players. You just need to install a special program and you can forget about access problems forever. VPNs are available as special programs for your computer, phone, or browser extensions. This technology allows you to select a server in a specific country for your Internet connection. Thus, it is possible to deceive the system, and access to a closed poker room is removed. 

VPNs come in different types - paid and free. A free program may have certain limitations - it can temporarily work on certain sites or run servers with a slow connection speed. In principle, you can find a good free VPN to access the room - just be sure to use high-quality resources to download the application, and if you install the extension on your browser, check the reviews.

TOP browser

Browser with built-in VPN

The TOP browser is very popular with Internet users who prefer anonymity on the Internet. Browser developers use technology that encrypts and redirects every user request, making it impossible to trace. They advocate for everyone's right to a free internet. Anyone who likes to keep personal information to themselves can use the browser. And, of course, the encryption method allows you to bypass the blocking of the official site of PokerOk. 

You can install the browser on a computer with any system, as well as on non-Android devices.


A fairly simple way is the site anonymizer. There is a special line where you need to insert the domain you need and get access to it. The anonymizer also allows you to select the country whose server will be used to visit the site. However, this method has its drawbacks:

  • some sites may be fraudulent and steal data, so choose an anonymizer carefully;
  • the site may contain a virus;
  • Usually, anonymizing sites have a low connection speed.

Poker players are not very fond of anonymizers, preferring VPNs and mirrors to them.


Another not very popular method is a proxy server. He serves as an intermediary between the user and the site that he needs, removes restrictions and ensures the anonymity of the Internet. Just like VPN, there are paid and free proxies - the latter do not last long and have a low connection speed. Proxies can be purchased for a certain period from several days to several months. The price is usually not too high.

If you are not attracted by the additional options for bypassing the blocking, use the PokerOk mirror - this is a guaranteed and safe way to visit the official website of the room.