Varieties of poker bets

Poker bets

Poker bet types are something that every player gets to know at the start of their poker career. Knowledge of the types of bets, the peculiarities of playing with them, the options for distributing your money at the table - all these factors affect your profit and need to be mastered.

In this short article, we will tell you why you need bets in the game, what types of bets distinguish them and how best to use them for greater benefit.

What are they needed for?

So you play at the poker table. What can you influence? Of course, you cannot choose combinations and, in fact, the only instrument in the game that you regulate is bets. We're not talking about general behavior now, but about real actions that the player performs.

It is with the help of raising the pot that you can bluff, convince opponents that you have a good combination, or play deceptively and hide two aces up your sleeve.

Another function of betting is, of course, creating a bank. There is no point in playing poker without money (unless you are learning how to play). And the motivation for winning is precisely in the means that are played out in a particular hand.

Types of bets

They can be classified in different ways. But we will highlight two main varieties.


Poker blindsIn different types of poker, there are a number of situations where poker players are required to put money on the line. These are, for example, the big and small blinds - the mandatory amount that two players at the table allocate to the pot at the beginning of the hand.

The people at the table who post the blinds are constantly changing (these are the two players to the left of the button).

There are other types of such bets. For example, the ante is also a mandatory bet (usually calculated as a certain percentage of the blind). Before the start of each hand, the players deposit ante... If the poker player does not do this, then the cards are not dealt to him.

Such contributions are made in order to speed up the game, to give it dynamism. Otherwise, players could sit at tables for hours and wait for a pleasant combination.


This is the money that poker players bet when trading. In standard Texas Hold'em, four times are traded during the distribution:

  • Once the players have received the cards;
  • After three cards appear on the table;
  • After the fourth card appears;
  • When all open cards are on the table and the game comes to an end.

In fact, it is at these moments that you can correctly calculate your situation and make a profitable call or raise. Or fold. Or to deceive your opponent and increase the amount at stake - everything will depend on what kind of game strategy you decide to play.

We recommend that you always take into account your total bank when you expose this or that amount. Based on this, you should also choose the tables - the rates in different hands will be different. So, in online rooms, the limits at which the game will take place are immediately written. Another important indicator is the size of the small and big blinds.

Considering all these nuances, you should choose a gaming table. The different types of poker bets will determine your tactics and will largely determine whether you can earn a lot at the table. Therefore, it is worthwhile to master their use, relevance, and the ability to manipulate the actions of other players right now. Good luck!

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