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Mirror of the PokerOK room.

The actual mirror of the poker room PokerOk - how to bypass the block in 2021

PokerOk Mirror is a way to access the site’s official site if the provider blocks it in connection with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Don't worry, this law is only valid for organizers of gambling, not users of their sites.

play offline or online poker

What is the best way to play poker - offline or online?

The confrontation between online vs offline poker players has been observed for a long time - many players simply do not understand how to play poker over the Internet. Others, on the other hand, see no problem with this kind of game. In this article, we will look at the main advantages of playing online and offline, in order to figure out which of the players is right. What are the advantages of playing over the Internet? For…
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Julien Martini won WSOp

WSOP, PSPC and a little love: the story of Julien Martini

Frenchman Julien Martini considers the WSOP gold bracelet and Kate Hoang met in the same series to be his biggest poker luck.

PokerKing room review

PokerKing at a glance

On the Internet, many users are wondering: what features of PokerKing make this room stand out from the competition? There are a lot of advantages of the room, but the main one is undoubtedly the unique loyalty program. The generosity of the PokerKing administration allows each player to return up to 90% of the commission paid. Today in the article we will talk about other advantages of the poker room, such as modern software and convenient ...
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Features of an all-in bet

Features of all-in bets in poker: what is it and how to use such a technique at the table

An all-in is a special situation at the poker table where a player bets all his chips in a particular hand. These can often be the most exciting moments in poker: the player decides to risk everything to win the pot. Among professional players, the phrase “player is exposed” often sounds. This means the same as all-in - the poker player has put up his entire pot ...
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poker marginal cards

How to play marginal cards in poker

When playing poker, it's not enough just to play strong hands, it is worth using marginal cards. You need to play aggressively, but strategically, which is why the major league of poker players strongly recommends not to ignore this method of playing. What is a marginal hand in poker? Initially, it is worth understanding what marginal cards are. This is a weak or medium starting hand, but the one ...
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Best VPN Services

The best VPN clients for playing online poker

The selection of the top VPNs for poker is especially relevant for players who prefer European poker rooms for playing for money. If you don't like mirrors, then VPN is the only possible alternative to get access to the official resource. But there is a lot of competition among such programs, not every version of the software will allow you to get full access and start playing for money, ...
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Pokerstars ES room review

PokerStars.ES review: features of the game in the room in 2019

PokerStars.ES is the European subsidiary of the popular poker room, which is played primarily by players from Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. Initially, the room was created only for Spanish players - hence the name of the branch. But a few years ago, the pool of players from the above countries was merged. Now, not only players from Europe can enter the room. It is available for ...
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Betonline poker room review

Is it worth playing at BetOnline in 2019: a small review of the room

BetOnline is a room that belongs to the Chico Poker Network. This room is the second most popular in the corporation. The room is designed for US players, but users from all over the world can start playing in it. Chico Poker focuses on other types of gambling: casinos, bets. Often casino players enter poker. Just to try ...
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Review of the poker room PokerMatch

PokerMatch: honestly about the pros and cons

The room can be called young, but the review of PokerMatch should start with a small amendment - there is an old experienced team behind it. The room underwent a rebranding in 2018, and was previously called simply PariMatch. Under the new name, the room managed to prove itself well, actively developing poker in Ukraine. PokerMatch is designed primarily for players from Ukraine, but available ...
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